Thursday, September 27, 2012

Inspiration Knows No Bounds...

My inspiration knows now bounds, because even when I'm sick & tired  POOF! there it is...

So I'm laid up on the couch for part of this morning, not feeling too stellar, keeping an eye on the rugrat while Disney plays on tv.  And in my moments of I'm pretty too damned tired and icky feeling to sit up...I have this idea pop into my head.  While I usually send an personal email to my customers when I ship something, Storenvy has allowed me to make a more personalized shipping notice that does the same thing.  Any care instructions I send within usually, if they're applicable.   And I always try to remember to send a business card or two for both of my businesses, including a few to hand out to lucky friends.

Image used courtesy of Echoland

Customer service however often entails a real connection and personalization to ordering handmade.  It's not a requirement but it goes a long way towards making the customer happy.  Some people include cute hand or computer made tags.  Others include notes, and my friend Sarah of Echoland wraps hers in the most adorable little parcels.  I've also seen some of the branding packaging of Freckle Fox Boutique which is too cute for words even!

Image used courtesy of Freckle Fox Boutique

Tangent complete.  So my's a craft my mother started and one that I know with great care & skill can look absolutely fantastic.  Card making.  As I'm a major DIYer I always prefer to make something from scratch rather than buy it pre-made.  I think my customers will appreciate this, but really I'd love direct feedback!  (I do plan on adding cards to the store at some point regardless but this would be a nice jump off point in the mean time.)

So what do you think of handmade cards?  Do you have any you've received that have brought a smile or giggle out?  Have examples you want to share?  Post in the comments below!

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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