Monday, September 3, 2012

Stepping On Toes...

Statue of the Charites; Maymont Park, Richmond, Va 6/3/10

I was reading a wonderfully insightful post by the fantastically creative yet succinct Laura C. George today.  It reminded me of some thoughts I've been having as of late as I focus on the store's re-launch, re-branding and just general overhaul as well as the personal interactions I have with others in the creative sector.

Now love my creatives as I do, I'm just as hot-headed and opinionated as the next person.  Perhaps a little too much at times.  And while I can admit this it doesn't necessarily go a long way in halting my reactivity from occurring *soft chuckle*.

What gets me into trouble?  I like to help, and sometimes it comes off as a "little pushy" (now I'm sure someone out there may call that an understatement but, eh).  From my point of view I'd love to see every other artist and crafter out there be wildly successful.  On the other hand, being a very sensitive type it pains me to see someone struggling so needlessly in their creative business over things that I see as "so simple" (eg.  photography, poor descriptions, or inexperience in marketing oneself).  Just as much as not though I get the feeling that my solicitous-ness is taken more along the lines as biting criticism of "how they do things" rather than an attempt to help.

Deal with this yourself?  My advice, follow Laura's advice and take a step back, and repeat my personal mantra:  "It's not about you, it's not about me.  I release all anger and frustration."

And remember, an ounce of kindness is worth a pound of criticism sometimes.  Everything in its place and time!

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