Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Water Lily" Baby Blanket - Part 2

I’ve been working on this blanket since the start of the last baby quilt I started and finished. I figured having made one for a boy, I should make one for a girl as well. Of a different concept than the first one, it heavily emphasizes the “join as you go” method and incorporates squares of different styles and sizes. The rounded look to the smaller squares mimics the look of a flower, hence the project’s name. on the outside of the assembled square I added some shell and picot embellishments to give it a more “girly” feel.

Daisy May Dishcloths!

Look at what’s in bloom! I recently came upon Lily Sugar ‘n Cream’s “Chrysanthemum Dishcloth”. At first some of the finer points of the pattern were lost on me, particularly with the edging that really “makes” the petals but upon deciphering the symbol and vernacular meanings I was pleasantly surprised at the outcome. I originally chose two brightly colored yarns, a white & yellow variegated as well as a yellow, orange, and pink variegated yarn. Both combinations (I switched the trimming and the main body for the second one) make for a “happy” dishcloth!

If you have questions about ordering your own or have your color scheme in mind send us an email and we can make yours to match your kitchen!

First Felting Project

Very interesting little creations, I had never tried to felt, honestly, being a little nervous about the whole application. Would I waste my time, though I thought I understood the process did I really, or would I misjudge a critical step and mess the whole ordeal up? So I avoided it, but having come to the end of a ball of yarn of 100% pure new wool. Perfect for felting…

The resulting bowls have a random pattern (for the smaller one done in single crochet) versus a more diagonal pattern, for the larger bowl (done in half double crochet).

Desert Rose Throw

Yet another throw courtesy of our favorite pattern! The colors chosen were originally meant to be mimicking a grapevine, but upon working with the yarn I decided that it appeared more like a cactus flower or some sort of wild rose - hence the name "Desert Rose". So far it's partially finished, with one and a half balls of of yarn crocheted up.

Three Color Thick & Chunky Scarf

This is one of my lovely "accidental" designs. In reality it's a partial amount of progress from a throw I just started working on. A friend met with me and we went out while I was working on the piece and instead of setting it aside I opted to take it with me and threw it around my neck, placing the ball in my pocket and the hook through the holes in the design - however I liked it so much as it was that I opted to leave it that length and width.

Knit Me Frenzy

Lately I have joined the "dark side" and come into the world of knitting. Having resisted it for years because it looked "too hard" I finally succumbed due to the large variety of "cool" and otherwise nifty things that could only be accomplished properly through knitting. Since then I have been on a "knit frenzy" and randomly picking up any and all scrap yarn I have to turn it into everything from tightly formal stockinette stitches to more bold and lacy patterns.

*For more interesting projects check out the following blog posts: "Pink Loveliness Prayer Shawl", "Multi-color Lace Away Scarf" on the store's blog & "Mini Prayer Squares" on PhoenixFlame Healing Center's blog!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bobble Me Not Cowl

According to the pattern it's supposed to go around your head, much like a hat with no backing. However, it didn't quite turn out that way, more like a hat than any kind of headband it seems that this is too big to serve as it should have been. What I soon discovered is that it functions much better as a cowl than a headscarf. Just as well however, it makes for an interesting project and story!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Water Lily" Baby Blanket 1

Working on a new project and very excited about it! The idea came to me when noting the colorful creations of another crocheter in her tutorial about "joining as you go" in crochet with rounded granny squares. Having used this technique several times now I've grown fond of it and it's working quite well. I opted to combine some sun yellow, lilac, eggplant, and emerald green together in a mocking of an iris, pansies, or as it looks to me water lilies.

The combination is so far made up of 4 types of squares, 2 three round versions, and 2 six round version all in some combination of the aforementioned colors.

"Square A"

"Square B"

"Square 1"

Mid May Updates!

The middle of the month is approaching and if you've been paying attention you'll have noticed a lot of "sudden" activity around our sites. We've started posting lots of "in progress" pictures to our Facebook page for one, then there have been a few more blogs put out about some of our longer and innovative projects, there's also the activity of new listings in the store!

It seems around here it's project time and we hope you're enjoying the new influx of activity as much as we are!

A number of projects have had major changes to them, including the "Ugh-ly Afhghan" which is now 2 squares instead of just one:

Our scrap granny square has grown with a couple of colors and we've incorporated a new joining technique into our repertoire with motifs with the "join as you go" method.

On today's list is the possibility of a new tarot/oracle card bag, worked as one piece instead of back and forth as a large rectangle and sewn together. (If we're satisfied we might post pictures and some thoughts on it later.)

Recently started in a "stashbusting expedition" was a bit of Tunisian crochet, however there is no set use for our project and it may end up getting "frogged" and turned into motif or perhaps a pair of barefoot sandals or some other small project.

We'll see you as we thread along, weaving new wonders with a wave of our magic wand (hook/needles)...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy & Me Shawl - Silly Lil Monkey

I just finally finished the other shawl made for the two mothers that had children last August (just in time for Mother's Day too!) Of a different make then the first shawl, this wears close around the shoulders and neck and is held in place with a shawl pin (a crochet hook is used in the picture but anything can be used!) As with the first shawl it is made from the leftover yarn from a baby blanket in the order in which it was used in the pattern. As the original blanket incorporates "granny squares" the shawl was done with a variation of the same concept in a half square shape resulting in a rectangle. It measures out at 31" x 16.5". Much the same as the other shawl since it is made of an acrylic yarn it has an easy care and may be machine washed and dried.