Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mommy & Me Shawl - Silly Lil Monkey

I just finally finished the other shawl made for the two mothers that had children last August (just in time for Mother's Day too!) Of a different make then the first shawl, this wears close around the shoulders and neck and is held in place with a shawl pin (a crochet hook is used in the picture but anything can be used!) As with the first shawl it is made from the leftover yarn from a baby blanket in the order in which it was used in the pattern. As the original blanket incorporates "granny squares" the shawl was done with a variation of the same concept in a half square shape resulting in a rectangle. It measures out at 31" x 16.5". Much the same as the other shawl since it is made of an acrylic yarn it has an easy care and may be machine washed and dried.

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