Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mid May Updates!

The middle of the month is approaching and if you've been paying attention you'll have noticed a lot of "sudden" activity around our sites. We've started posting lots of "in progress" pictures to our Facebook page for one, then there have been a few more blogs put out about some of our longer and innovative projects, there's also the activity of new listings in the store!

It seems around here it's project time and we hope you're enjoying the new influx of activity as much as we are!

A number of projects have had major changes to them, including the "Ugh-ly Afhghan" which is now 2 squares instead of just one:

Our scrap granny square has grown with a couple of colors and we've incorporated a new joining technique into our repertoire with motifs with the "join as you go" method.

On today's list is the possibility of a new tarot/oracle card bag, worked as one piece instead of back and forth as a large rectangle and sewn together. (If we're satisfied we might post pictures and some thoughts on it later.)

Recently started in a "stashbusting expedition" was a bit of Tunisian crochet, however there is no set use for our project and it may end up getting "frogged" and turned into motif or perhaps a pair of barefoot sandals or some other small project.

We'll see you as we thread along, weaving new wonders with a wave of our magic wand (hook/needles)...

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