Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birds of a Feather!

Recently I decided that I wanted to take on some "Furry" projects. The highlight of these is that they are designed specifically for those who are "Furry". Some ideas I have been passing around include arm and legwarmers that are the proper coloration (and even textured to a bit) and perhaps some more complicated things like shirt/sweater and pants/skirts on a similar note. But along with all of these endeavors I thought a set of wings would be really neat.

So about mid-day yesterday I set out thinking about how I might construct a wing. I recently came across a post about angel wings (though they are made on a much smaller scale it's the principle that could be useful) I thought better of it and decided to try to make the wing of individual feathers!

Searching the net I didn't come up with anything conclusive in regards to make a "real" feather. Being the artist that I am, I opted to do it myself after awhile and voila! I think it looks pretty good and the variegated nature of the yarn lends to the feather-ness of the piece. I've written out the pattern, which is fairly simple, and will be working on longer and shorter feathers (to simulate an actual true wing)!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worry Doll Basket Bed

I was just cleaning up today and I came across my Guatemalan Worry Dolls. I remember I had gotten them from my maternal grandmother and what they were for, but I also remembered that the box they had been in had gotten somehow destroyed (which is a funny story since I found the box on my stairs with a small hole in it - convincing me they were trying to escape from their box).

So seeing my poor little fellows without a home and recalling that they are claustrophobic I decided to try my hand at making them a place to stay. After browsing through the net for neat patterns, I came across a few I liked and grabbing my green worsted weight yarn created what you see before you. I modified the pattern a bit and decided against making a lid after their prior incident of escape and so voila!

These will be made available in both stores soon - I will alter the pattern further for larger trinkets and keepsakes and make some for stones to be stored in as gifts in the healing center!