Saturday, March 13, 2010

Worry Doll Basket Bed

I was just cleaning up today and I came across my Guatemalan Worry Dolls. I remember I had gotten them from my maternal grandmother and what they were for, but I also remembered that the box they had been in had gotten somehow destroyed (which is a funny story since I found the box on my stairs with a small hole in it - convincing me they were trying to escape from their box).

So seeing my poor little fellows without a home and recalling that they are claustrophobic I decided to try my hand at making them a place to stay. After browsing through the net for neat patterns, I came across a few I liked and grabbing my green worsted weight yarn created what you see before you. I modified the pattern a bit and decided against making a lid after their prior incident of escape and so voila!

These will be made available in both stores soon - I will alter the pattern further for larger trinkets and keepsakes and make some for stones to be stored in as gifts in the healing center!

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