Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anatomy of a Throw...

It's not your first project, but maybe it is, maybe it's just an idea you really like and want to get done. Or you just like the pattern. Following directions is horridly important though, or you won't get the desired product at the end. But sometimes, even when you have set out on your task things seem to go awry, you miscounted a stitch here or there and rows later there is a strange "slant" to your work. You're not really sure why and think to yourself, "I must have tightened or loosened something along the way, it'll be okay, no one will notice." Of course, that's not true, you've already seen it and the "deficiency" sticks in your brain like a whining gnat impatiently reminding you of errors. Perhaps along the way you get sloppy, distracted, or just tired of stitching and hooking away. You put it down mid row/round and promptly forget what stitch you were on or what part of what stitch you were on, or some other combination. Later you pick it up and get back to your work, little knowing the possible "kink" you've created.

Sometimes it adds character, when done correctly, even if only an erratic pattern. But mostly it just serves as an annoyance and a detriment.

Herein I discuss some thoughts and occurrences that have come to pass with my first "throw" as it is so aptly named. Now I sit at row 17 of 39 (or something like that) viewing a distinct and unwanted decrease in the amount of stitches which someone I managed to fumble at the second row, go figure...needless to say I sit here contemplating whether I will just call it a day and finish as is - or whether I will gently and carefully begin again. I believe my perfectionist side will wind out the day for the drastic mishapenness is driving me bonkers.

Adieu sweet throw, we will begin again!

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Favorite Crafts...

I have to say after today's endeavors (I spent the entire day decoupaging several different items) that decoupage is one of my favorite crafting techniques. It's easy, simple and only limited by your imagination. No fancy tools or equipment and user friendly! It also produces some beautiful results!

My all time favorite at the moment is crocheting of course. Like decoupage, it is very versatile depending on the color, weight, type of yarn, needle, amount of yarn, and the arrangement of the stitches. You can make everything from hats to socks, play things and functional items!

Just wanted to share that with everybody!

In Progress Decoupage!!!

A wine bottle...

2 "Venom" energy drink bottles...

A plain silver tin..

The side of the silver tin...

Pirouette jar...

Pen holder...

Altoids tin...

As you can well see by now I love collaging. Albeit, these are all works in progress with "non themes" and therefore they'll completed when they are completed. And though this is not my first time collaging, I generally layer and seal my work in a completely different way - so I thought I might try just straight decoupaging since it's something I've been wanting to try my hand at for some time :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Random Spare Projects...

As I'm sure you've figured out I love to crochet and often spent my spare time playing with different stitches as you can see above. It's almost kind of sad the little creations I come up with, but then again also cute at the same time!

Weird Doiley or Sun Coaster?

I'm not quite sure WHAT it is, but it looks like a twisted little doiley, or maybe a coaster. I have tried it out as the latter and it definitely works. But it is odd-looking. I'm not sure exactly why it looks so weird to me. Perhaps it is the choice of yarn (some scraps I had lying about, suitable mostly if not only for messing about and what not).

I have strongly considered making a set of 4 or so and selling them as coasters. Maybe even altering some of the stitches in further designs. That's all doileys are though, right? Just a different combination of stitches.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfumes (Colognes, & Mists)...

Just putting it out there, but making any of these three can be a real pain. One ought to have a good amount of respect to out fore bearers who came up with the complicated recipes (or even the simple ones) we use today. Many a time these things are very trial and error - which costs time and money and sometimes, even then after all of that it doesn't quite pan out like we wanted it to. But it's all a learning experience, after all, that's what we're here for right?

So I invite you to check out some of the fruits of my labors of this morning here. My personal favorite is the "Natural Peppermint Perfume", it's nicely scented and doesn't have any alcohol in it. This morning's batch was all an experiment in smell though - I've not made perfumes with these mixtures before, and the last batch of "scented" things I made had a water base (no stickiness of oil or smell of alcohol), however the shelf life on the alcohol based is reputedly much longer than the water based, I really haven't seen a difference.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current Projects...

As I am not one to just start a project and work on only one I have, as you can imagine, several in progress at the moment. As you've seen from my "Yoga Mat Bags" blog I don't really even do one of each thing either lol. (Although I did make the Blue Variegated one first to make sure I could work out any initial problems with the pattern!)

This is just for those interested who may be curious about what other things will be up and coming in my store fronts, or just want to know what I'm doing in detail!

Two prayer shawls - totally different patterns and stitches...

On the left you have a purple, pink, and lavender variegated yarn & on the right is a "confetti" (imo) one that is sky blue, baby pink, with a touch of green as well (also might remind one of "birthday cake).

A "5 1/2 Hour Throw" as it's called - however I disagreed with the proscribed color choice :)

I thought a nice purple would go well with the black and white. At this point in the project I've finished the first set of balls of 5 (per color) and am at 14 rows (of 39) roughly measuring 15". I'm not quite sure how that fits on the grand scale of the finished project but we'll see.

I also have a nice, though a bit late for the season, xmas colored scarflette I'm messing with. It wasn't really supposed to be ready for the season so much as it was something simple to work on in my spare time.

Then there is the newest addition to my GaBu army made of the blue variegated yarn (he's just an initial round now, but in a matter of a small amount of time he'll be done).
And finally some necklace/bracelet/anklet/bookmark/keychains (they have yet to tell me what they want to be just yet).

Yoga Mat Bags...

If you've been following me on Twitter, you've probably seen me tweet a couple of times about these "yoga mat bags" lol. Well, since they are an "in progress" product and since I am making several of them at one time I thought that I would post here - including pictures of the yarn I was using, so people could get a better idea of what I'm talking about!

If you check out this you can see a picture of a finished one, that also happens to be for sale.

The pattern is not an original of mine, but I have since I started using it planned modifications, like adding a pocket, making the strap bigger, and changing the sort of stitch that the "tube" is made of. For now though the 7 I have planned (including the one that is already finished) will be "as is" as I familiarize myself with the mechanics of the pattern and correct any mistakes I find in the original patterns logistics (like the # of stitches or rows needed, etc).

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hi, hello, and how do you do?
I'm a crafter, how 'bout you?

I twist the twine with deft little fingers and weave the fibers expertly...

Hello, I'm glad to meet you. Since this is my first blog I will take the time and care to introduce myself and let you know what to expect!

I am Naware, and I am many things. A life long crafter & artist and ever aspiring businesswoman. I am ever full of new and interesting ideas about creation and art, ever tweaking my talents.

In the last year I have also come into my own as a healer working with Reiki, chakras and aura work, yoga and mudras, and incorporating stones, color, and various other symbols as part of my healing practice.

I am very interested in natural and organic products and am striving to offer these to the public slowly but surely. In the meantime I have my bits and pieces of art, natural beauty and bath products, and even some functional pieces (scarves, blankets, etc)...

I spend a lot of time working on several different projects at once usually, so at times "all of the sudden" my store pages will be updated with several products.

You can see my shops @ Etsy, Zazzle, and ArtFire.

I also have two portfolios: "Gaea Lacuna" for my personal art & "Faith Works" for the store's art (the latter of which is for sale, the former is generally not).

You can also find me on Twitter for short personal updates throughout the day, especially when I'm working on projects (I'll frequently take a breaks and update everyone on what's going on.)

As you can see I am a networking fiend, always looking to meet fellow artists and fans!