Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Perfumes (Colognes, & Mists)...

Just putting it out there, but making any of these three can be a real pain. One ought to have a good amount of respect to out fore bearers who came up with the complicated recipes (or even the simple ones) we use today. Many a time these things are very trial and error - which costs time and money and sometimes, even then after all of that it doesn't quite pan out like we wanted it to. But it's all a learning experience, after all, that's what we're here for right?

So I invite you to check out some of the fruits of my labors of this morning here. My personal favorite is the "Natural Peppermint Perfume", it's nicely scented and doesn't have any alcohol in it. This morning's batch was all an experiment in smell though - I've not made perfumes with these mixtures before, and the last batch of "scented" things I made had a water base (no stickiness of oil or smell of alcohol), however the shelf life on the alcohol based is reputedly much longer than the water based, I really haven't seen a difference.

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