Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Anatomy of a Throw...

It's not your first project, but maybe it is, maybe it's just an idea you really like and want to get done. Or you just like the pattern. Following directions is horridly important though, or you won't get the desired product at the end. But sometimes, even when you have set out on your task things seem to go awry, you miscounted a stitch here or there and rows later there is a strange "slant" to your work. You're not really sure why and think to yourself, "I must have tightened or loosened something along the way, it'll be okay, no one will notice." Of course, that's not true, you've already seen it and the "deficiency" sticks in your brain like a whining gnat impatiently reminding you of errors. Perhaps along the way you get sloppy, distracted, or just tired of stitching and hooking away. You put it down mid row/round and promptly forget what stitch you were on or what part of what stitch you were on, or some other combination. Later you pick it up and get back to your work, little knowing the possible "kink" you've created.

Sometimes it adds character, when done correctly, even if only an erratic pattern. But mostly it just serves as an annoyance and a detriment.

Herein I discuss some thoughts and occurrences that have come to pass with my first "throw" as it is so aptly named. Now I sit at row 17 of 39 (or something like that) viewing a distinct and unwanted decrease in the amount of stitches which someone I managed to fumble at the second row, go figure...needless to say I sit here contemplating whether I will just call it a day and finish as is - or whether I will gently and carefully begin again. I believe my perfectionist side will wind out the day for the drastic mishapenness is driving me bonkers.

Adieu sweet throw, we will begin again!


  1. Having begun again it looks much better, I have noted the proper amount of "V" stiches per row this time (which were not included in the original pattern) and now I think it looks much better and more like an actual throw vs an oversized scarf!

  2. Finally finished!!! I'm almost sort of sad that I'm done with it since now the fun of creating is over, However now I can move on to making more and in different colors and variety!!! (Very exciting!)