Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Current Projects...

As I am not one to just start a project and work on only one I have, as you can imagine, several in progress at the moment. As you've seen from my "Yoga Mat Bags" blog I don't really even do one of each thing either lol. (Although I did make the Blue Variegated one first to make sure I could work out any initial problems with the pattern!)

This is just for those interested who may be curious about what other things will be up and coming in my store fronts, or just want to know what I'm doing in detail!

Two prayer shawls - totally different patterns and stitches...

On the left you have a purple, pink, and lavender variegated yarn & on the right is a "confetti" (imo) one that is sky blue, baby pink, with a touch of green as well (also might remind one of "birthday cake).

A "5 1/2 Hour Throw" as it's called - however I disagreed with the proscribed color choice :)

I thought a nice purple would go well with the black and white. At this point in the project I've finished the first set of balls of 5 (per color) and am at 14 rows (of 39) roughly measuring 15". I'm not quite sure how that fits on the grand scale of the finished project but we'll see.

I also have a nice, though a bit late for the season, xmas colored scarflette I'm messing with. It wasn't really supposed to be ready for the season so much as it was something simple to work on in my spare time.

Then there is the newest addition to my GaBu army made of the blue variegated yarn (he's just an initial round now, but in a matter of a small amount of time he'll be done).
And finally some necklace/bracelet/anklet/bookmark/keychains (they have yet to tell me what they want to be just yet).

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