Friday, March 13, 2009


Hi, hello, and how do you do?
I'm a crafter, how 'bout you?

I twist the twine with deft little fingers and weave the fibers expertly...

Hello, I'm glad to meet you. Since this is my first blog I will take the time and care to introduce myself and let you know what to expect!

I am Naware, and I am many things. A life long crafter & artist and ever aspiring businesswoman. I am ever full of new and interesting ideas about creation and art, ever tweaking my talents.

In the last year I have also come into my own as a healer working with Reiki, chakras and aura work, yoga and mudras, and incorporating stones, color, and various other symbols as part of my healing practice.

I am very interested in natural and organic products and am striving to offer these to the public slowly but surely. In the meantime I have my bits and pieces of art, natural beauty and bath products, and even some functional pieces (scarves, blankets, etc)...

I spend a lot of time working on several different projects at once usually, so at times "all of the sudden" my store pages will be updated with several products.

You can see my shops @ Etsy, Zazzle, and ArtFire.

I also have two portfolios: "Gaea Lacuna" for my personal art & "Faith Works" for the store's art (the latter of which is for sale, the former is generally not).

You can also find me on Twitter for short personal updates throughout the day, especially when I'm working on projects (I'll frequently take a breaks and update everyone on what's going on.)

As you can see I am a networking fiend, always looking to meet fellow artists and fans!

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  1. ((hugs)) and glad to be the first follower on your blog! be sure to check mine out too :)