Monday, June 22, 2009

Faith Works & Cottage Crafts Collaboration

As sometimes happens, arts from different mediums will get together to work on group projects. Each adding "their little something" to the whole and thereby making something that neither could do alone.

This hanging platter, (though finished posthumously of one of the artists) is something that I have finally gotten off of my "to do list" as an artist. Ever a fan of eclectic home decor I thought it would look nice suspended from a ceiling (though not outside because it's only so durable). I used a 48 lb, 3 ply black jute fiber to suspend it and worked in a variety of half knots and over hand knots. The platter itself is white stoneware, with a flower, root, and various other shapes pressed into it. It is glazed on the top only with a red glaze with white splotches.

Aradia Goseling did the knotwork and Stephanie Wheeler made the platter.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Long & Awaited # 2

This is a second necklace order I am working on, though the focus of this piece is on the 2 beads with writing that was woodburned onto the beads by yours truly.

No easy task, the order called for a sentence in Russian. Due to the language set up and the fact that words like "is" "the" and "a" are not used in Russian, the sentence was "dumbed down" into 2 simple verbs in their _ form.

What's more is that the original design is actually a bracelet, so calculations had to be done to account for the lack of fiber and of course various other modifications to the pattern, like taking off danglies, removing extra beads and adding another decorative knot as the centerpiece...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Custom Order...

And voila, or ta-da! (Whichever you prefer...) Here we have a necklace that has been just short of 4 months in the making. Between nailing down specific beads and for what and why, finding various other supplies, such as the fiber and clasp options, to attaching the beads and the physical making of the necklace it's been quite an adventure!

Jewelry making isn't something I would call difficult or necessarily skilled (as most things improve with practice and the use of the right tools). However, working up a pattern or altering one, be it a substitution or just a concept is a wholly different can of worms, so to speak. But for all the time and effort spent, I think it turned out great and not at all what I had first envisioned, but something far better, for this is the version that made it to reality!

Monday, June 8, 2009


Like any good girl I love my tools! Recently I have started to really advance with my crochet techniques, working with Tunisian. I found a lovely pattern that uses a double ended crochet hook...

Now after searching the stores in the area I found that locating precisely the hook I needed for the project was not going to happen without special ordering. And the most I could do was to go shopping online to some chain stores. However, even then they still weren't big enough.

Well long story short, I special ordered it (needless to say from a woodworker who worked with the pattern designer) and it just arrived Saturday! A "U" double ended crochet hook, absolutely beautiful! Made of maple and complete with my name "Naware" on it! :D

So now I have a lovely menagerie of hooks, both regular, and Tunisian, and then now finally a double ended hook (I've got another one coming in the mail soon a 40" cabled hook "J".)

Ah sweet crochet!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

More things to tantalize the eye...

As always we have several projects going on at once, some of the ongoing ones currently in play are some "charity" orders. The purpose of these orders is to experiment with new patterns, while still creating something. First time projects can be rather problematical, depending on the clarity of the pattern writer and their depth of knowledge, as well as the understanding of the crocheter and their ability to decipher the patterns of another.

One such project has made it to finality: a kitten hook holder (pattern is from Crochet Kitten). This particular item will be given to a dear friend who has helped support Faith Works and we graciously extend our thanks!

***At present this item is not available for sale - inquiries are being made to determine whether it will be available or not and an update will be made in reply to this post on the determination.***

Faith Works Newsletter?

I've been toying around with this idea and trying to decide how to do so and if at all to do so...Therefore I'm petitioning you, my readers and patrons to see what you think and what you would like to hear!

I have considered printing a "newsletter" of sorts for the business and including it with orders - on a month to month basis. This will allow people to get a heads up on new and upcoming products that haven't hit the store yet or are in the making.

So what do you think? What are your suggestions? What would you like to know in a monthly newsletter about the store? Would you like this to be electronic or paper (it is sometimes nice to get mail :) )

I look forward to reading your comments & suggestions!

Faith Works

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Placemat & Coaster set...

So maybe a little dorky, but neat. Made with a Tunisian stitch this project is a nice sturdy and tight weave. I chose natural colors because this initial set will be for my own home and the area we eat in most is in shades of brown. The yarn is 100% cotton so that also lends some sturdiness to it and makes it machine washeable & dryable.

Mind you these color combinations can be easily altered to fit a custom order...get yours today!

Bon apetit!

June Updates!!!

It's been a while since I've blogged, but regardless there are always many things going on here with Faith Works!

Just to give you an idea of what's coming up here are some "works in progress":
  1. gourd lantern
  2. leg warmers
  3. arm warmers
  4. dance bag
  5. GaBus
  6. Yoga Mat Bags
  7. bunnies
  8. turtles
  9. hippos
  10. 5 1/2 throw (red, gray, and black)
  11. prayer shawls (these will be featured in our sister shop PhoenixFlameHealing on Etsy)
  12. X-mas skinny scarf
  13. kid crowns
Some of these projects are embryonic or commissioned for others so may not be originally for sale - but many can be reproduced (barring a yarn being unavailable). There are also 2 baby blankets that will be made for 2 expecting mothers I know personally, but they will be available to the public as well!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Blessings & Namaste!