Monday, June 22, 2009

Faith Works & Cottage Crafts Collaboration

As sometimes happens, arts from different mediums will get together to work on group projects. Each adding "their little something" to the whole and thereby making something that neither could do alone.

This hanging platter, (though finished posthumously of one of the artists) is something that I have finally gotten off of my "to do list" as an artist. Ever a fan of eclectic home decor I thought it would look nice suspended from a ceiling (though not outside because it's only so durable). I used a 48 lb, 3 ply black jute fiber to suspend it and worked in a variety of half knots and over hand knots. The platter itself is white stoneware, with a flower, root, and various other shapes pressed into it. It is glazed on the top only with a red glaze with white splotches.

Aradia Goseling did the knotwork and Stephanie Wheeler made the platter.

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