Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Custom Order...

And voila, or ta-da! (Whichever you prefer...) Here we have a necklace that has been just short of 4 months in the making. Between nailing down specific beads and for what and why, finding various other supplies, such as the fiber and clasp options, to attaching the beads and the physical making of the necklace it's been quite an adventure!

Jewelry making isn't something I would call difficult or necessarily skilled (as most things improve with practice and the use of the right tools). However, working up a pattern or altering one, be it a substitution or just a concept is a wholly different can of worms, so to speak. But for all the time and effort spent, I think it turned out great and not at all what I had first envisioned, but something far better, for this is the version that made it to reality!

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