Monday, June 8, 2009


Like any good girl I love my tools! Recently I have started to really advance with my crochet techniques, working with Tunisian. I found a lovely pattern that uses a double ended crochet hook...

Now after searching the stores in the area I found that locating precisely the hook I needed for the project was not going to happen without special ordering. And the most I could do was to go shopping online to some chain stores. However, even then they still weren't big enough.

Well long story short, I special ordered it (needless to say from a woodworker who worked with the pattern designer) and it just arrived Saturday! A "U" double ended crochet hook, absolutely beautiful! Made of maple and complete with my name "Naware" on it! :D

So now I have a lovely menagerie of hooks, both regular, and Tunisian, and then now finally a double ended hook (I've got another one coming in the mail soon a 40" cabled hook "J".)

Ah sweet crochet!

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