Sunday, June 7, 2009

More things to tantalize the eye...

As always we have several projects going on at once, some of the ongoing ones currently in play are some "charity" orders. The purpose of these orders is to experiment with new patterns, while still creating something. First time projects can be rather problematical, depending on the clarity of the pattern writer and their depth of knowledge, as well as the understanding of the crocheter and their ability to decipher the patterns of another.

One such project has made it to finality: a kitten hook holder (pattern is from Crochet Kitten). This particular item will be given to a dear friend who has helped support Faith Works and we graciously extend our thanks!

***At present this item is not available for sale - inquiries are being made to determine whether it will be available or not and an update will be made in reply to this post on the determination.***

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