Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Birds of a Feather!

Recently I decided that I wanted to take on some "Furry" projects. The highlight of these is that they are designed specifically for those who are "Furry". Some ideas I have been passing around include arm and legwarmers that are the proper coloration (and even textured to a bit) and perhaps some more complicated things like shirt/sweater and pants/skirts on a similar note. But along with all of these endeavors I thought a set of wings would be really neat.

So about mid-day yesterday I set out thinking about how I might construct a wing. I recently came across a post about angel wings (though they are made on a much smaller scale it's the principle that could be useful) I thought better of it and decided to try to make the wing of individual feathers!

Searching the net I didn't come up with anything conclusive in regards to make a "real" feather. Being the artist that I am, I opted to do it myself after awhile and voila! I think it looks pretty good and the variegated nature of the yarn lends to the feather-ness of the piece. I've written out the pattern, which is fairly simple, and will be working on longer and shorter feathers (to simulate an actual true wing)!

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