Friday, April 23, 2010

Knitting (With) a T Shirt

So I was perusing through my "Etsy Finds" email and noticed a listing for some "Kelly Green" T Shirt Yarn and considered buying it (needless to say it was gone by the time I decided that I totally needed to buy it). But the whole ordeal got me back on my "up/recycling kick" I was on. I had done some research about making alternative yarn sources (like with plastic bags and t shirts) but hadn't found a really good and clear tutorial. Thanks to a fellow blogger I have and have constructed a "thing".

At first I attempted to crochet in the round with a Q, but that proved to big given the variation in the "fiber" thickness, so I grabbed my size 19 (15 mm) knitting needles and went to town as it were. What resulted is something that I am currently testing out as a keyboard wrist rest and due to the general softness of a t shirt it's working out rather nicely :D Yay me!

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