Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working From Authenticity...

The old business model I grew up with, what I saw my mother put into practice and use was all about professionalism.  You did things right, this certain way because that was how things were done.  But as I've found from my research and learning over the past couple of months that viewpoint is outmoded and outdated.

The new business model is all about people.  It's all about connection and showing your humanity and I am reminded of this as my 15 month old son, Adarian, sits on my lap watching Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse this morning.

For me authenticity is as natural as breathing, but growing up with that business model in the house of a staunch Capricorn, it's also a little scary.  Will I be judged too harshly for who and what I am?  Will people shy away from me because I'm "too much"?  It's a ridiculous but palpable fear.  To be isolated for being who I am.  But as mentors Laura Roeder & Laura George have impressed upon me - it's not about the "unlikes" or the outliers in your market, it's about the ones you can connect with.

So remember, it's about quality not quantity.  Having tons of like, page views, or even "friends" isn't what makes a difference.  It's about quality interaction with those you do connect with.  Serving those people who want to support and interact with you.

For me I plan to exert my authenticity by speaking my mind more often *gasp*, the chatty Cathy is going to talk even more...?!  Yes and no.  What I mean is that I'm going to speak my mind & hold nothing back, "later" is no longer a good time for me.  My time is now, afterall it's the only time we ever have.

How do you plan on being authentic, leave me a note in the comments below!

Happy Crafting,

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