Saturday, September 8, 2012

Major Site Revamps

If you've been following me on Twitter and Facebook you've definitely heard me flutter about concerning my store and all the changes I've been going through.

If not, or perchance you just caught the edge of the conversation here's the skinny...

  • I did a complete re-launch of my business, to include a new logo and name change...

  • I've been collaborating the entire time with Business Coach for Creatives Laura C. George who has been rocking my world and lighting that creative fire to get me out of procrastination mode
  • In working with her I've re-hashed my pricing, adopting "Resonate Pricing" and letting go of some of the hang ups artists can have about placing monetary value on their work
  • I've worked to simplify the layout and design of my store front
  • And finally I've made tons of changes along the same lines of my website to include purchasing the domain...
So it's been a lot and there's even more to come!  I re-pricing and checking back through project sheets (yes I'm the meticulous type who records everything) I found at least a dozen pieces in that need to be listed.  And while I've gotten a major monkey off my back about getting some of these things done, it's paved the way for bigger & better things!

So Happy Crafting till Next we Meet!

Aradia's Hand

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