Friday, September 7, 2012

Looming Ahead...

Okay, so I couldn't resist the urge to try out a clever title, whether it worked or not is another matter...

So call me a knitting snob (although I don't believe I'm that far gone as I know some who are much more, shall we say "particular" than I) but I never really thought I'd get into looming.  To be perfectly honest, I felt it was in a way "cheating".  Okay now for those who want to argue that the loom is a tool, just as a crochet hook or a set of knitting needles - yes you are right there.  But then again with the mechanics of knitting being what they are, using a loom is the "easy way out".  I prefer to do things "the old fashioned way" when possible, and while intrigued by the notion I didn't fancy it as any more than an idle curiosity.  Of course I am in love with all fiber arts, so you knew I was going to try it...

*blush* I think I like it.  Not really omgs like it, but definitely enough to keep it up.  Afterall, dropping your loom isn't nearly as traumatizing to your work as dropping a needle can be.  And it seems infinitely less likely you would drop a stitch.

So thus far I've completed a sock puppet which I will not assail your eyes was my first and I fudged it's little nose royally.

And yes, notice the baby hand where my son insisted not once but twice to be in the picture, lil rascal...

Then I managed this concoction, which only took me 3+ months to make because I kept procrastinating it for work projects and idle laziness:

Now tonight I've gone and started another loom project and I find the craft useful for when I want to be productive but thinking is "too hard", such as now after I've finished with some major store revamps.  While there isn't much to see yet (I've only got a few rows finished) I thought to shoot to share anyways :D

I'm calling it (tentatively) "Early Americana"
given the colorway reminds me of all that rustic, folksy Americana art

I should have a few more progress pictures as I move along and you can always find my plethora of work on Ravelry!

Happy Looming!
Aradia's Hand

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