Monday, October 1, 2012

October Update!

Butter late than never...yes that was intentional.  Looking back, rather than forward since this post comes to you late October has been pretty hectic, more so than I thought it would be!  Murphy & Parkinson's Laws seem to have ganged up on me and made everything that could go wrong with my schedule do so...monkey wrench to the nth power for your math nerds :P

With the revamp for the biz having wrapped up I went bananas in September with inspiration putting up 15 posts, 3x my scheduled normal.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself. Although so far I'm back down to closer to my quota a thus far.

I've been brewing a newsletter in my noggin, but I have chosen to put off it's initial release.  Ever the perfectionist it's hard to shake those tendencies.

In the changes that continued to occur during September I simplified my website & store set ups so that my shop tab goes directly to my Storenvy shop rather than having two essentially.  Since I like Storenvy and it's infinitely customizable it just made more sense to simplify the process for my lovely audience.

My pricing overhaul completed I'm focusing on a pragmatically intuitive system that I like quite well.  I didn't quite get through the copy like I wished to but it's an ongoing process and a creative one that doesn't like to be rushed.

Finally a special little offer for my blog followers and readers!  My sabbat sale will run from 10/21 to 10/28 for 30% store wide, use code "S4MH41N" at checkout!

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