Sunday, October 21, 2012

LAL with Melli's Trinkets

Several months ago I participated in a loom a long (LAL) with owner and jewelry designer of Melli's Trinkets, Melli Burger.  Originally we decided it would just be something fun to do since neither of us seemed to have anyone local to do any kind of "a long" with.  Just last night we started on another one, this time something nice and seasonal - a cowl.

Although I'm not ecstatic about this picture I gathered together some fun colors to try in my design...

As you see below I started with the dark chocolate and burgundy (which in this light looks a bit like raspberry).  I've also given my own spin on the cowl's stitch pattern, doing a six row repeat

So far the pattern stitch definitely looks interesting!  I'm even considering documenting it and offering the pattern in my Ravelry store!

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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