Monday, October 29, 2012

Facing Up Trial & Error with Hairbrained Ideas...

Not every idea I have is worthy of becoming something.  Case in point, I have a pile of yarn and plastic star beads sitting on my desk right now.  I've torn up the "project" three times already, thinking I would make a necklace, then a belt and now I'm realizing that nothing is up to par.

There seems to be a temptation among crafters to do it all, use everything, save anything useful.  Especially with the advent of the surge of re & upcycled crafts nowadays.  Everyone it seems wants to be eco-conscious.  And while I completely respect that, there is a limit to just keeping it all.

So a lesson learned and one for you to.  Everything isn't worth keeping, nor is every idea as good as it seems at the time it comes to you.  But the ability to see something new and whole from old parts is worth the effort of trial and error.  No art is failure, just an advancement in perspective.

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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