Thursday, October 4, 2012

I’ll Have a Serving of Authenticity Please…

Hecate, Greek goddess of the crossroads;
drawing by Stéphane Mallarméin Les Dieux Antiques, nouvelle mythologie illustrée in Paris, 1880

So authenticity is a buzzword in the circles I run, focusing on entrepreneurship and establishing oneself as a solopreneur.  But maybe you don’t run in the same circles I do or the word seems a little mystifying to you.  Here’s my take…

Being authentic sets you free, it allows you to form a real connection with other people - in business your audience.  Once upon a time all companies were faceless entities with their directors, owner, CEOs etc making publicity statements here and there and that was the lot of it.  With a small business (meaning 1-10 employees) that way doesn’t fly.

There is a penchant among newbie biz owners to try and adopt the ways of big corporations, much to my chagrin.  What ends up happening is they often model well but not to their benefit.  Afterall, we’re neighbors, you have a house, a family, friends…and you’re a faceless entity?  Doesn’t instill trust does it?

Being authentic can be scary.  We fear rejection and ridicule, worry how we will be perceived and judged.  As sensitive creatures we don’t take well to that.  But you don’t move past something or grow from it by avoiding it.  It still will be ever present looming in the background.

Me - I’m like a bowl of spilled spaghetti.  I keep odd hours, stay up late and bicker with ADD & insomnia.  I work from home, run two businesses, do several things on the side, chase after a small human and silly mutt.  I try to keep tabs with people and sometimes I go “radio silent”.  I’m a caring & compassionate person who genuinely wants to help even if I get burned for it.  I have many names I work under and not one is a façade, it’s just another facet.  I write, draw, craft, create, doing healing work.  You can call me Laney, Salem, Aradia, Naware, Brynna, or Gaea.  I have a thousand and one aspirations and I’m living my dream tenuously.  Who are you? (Please share in the comments below!)

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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