Friday, October 5, 2012

Having Resources VS Being Resourceful: Which Are You?

True story... I've had a number of people come up to me asking about marketing, design, and just general business "stuff".  Guess that means I'm doing something right huh?

It makes me laugh because I have been in business for over three years now.  But what I realize is that I really wasn't a business until now:  because I changed my attitude.

Now I've told you how much I can't stand that modicum:  it's not a business if you're not making money, it's a hobby.  But I know all too well how true that statement is, even though it burns me up to hear.  The other thing that is important in business is attitude.  I recently heard a quote of Tony Robbins by way of Marie Forleo saying, "It's not about your resources, it's about how resourceful you are."  I have to site that whole idea as the source of my success.

The reason I laugh when people come up to me asking my advice is because I have paid the bare minimum to get good quality information while I've been re-building myself and my brand.  And I'm not saying not to go through programs, because I have wishlist of things I want to do including Marie Forleo's B-School and at least several months of Laura Roeder's Social Media Marketer.  What I want you to take from this is:  don't let money stand in the way of your success, you can capture success simply by making the most of what you have.  I fully believe that investing in yourself is never a waste of time or resources, even though it's scary at first.

My secret is that I have collected an amazing group of mentors that I refer to who all offer high quality, worth their weight in gold advice.  They do blogs, vlogs, question and answer, and regularly share awesome content.

If you want to check out these amazing peeps and start your own full on makeover check out their websites!

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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  1. That's such great advice, isn't it, Aradia. I get a couple emails every week from people who just don't have the money for ____ yet and so they think they can't get started. (Usually that blank is a professional website, but sometimes it's some other marketing piece they've been told is crucial.) But the truth is, we all have to start somewhere, and starting where you're at, with what you have, is really the only way to actually wind up anywhere else.

    It's about using whatever is available to you, and moving forward as best you can--worrying about what you can't invest in yet just makes being in business endlessly frustrating.

    Thanks for sharing this!