Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Let's Not, But Don't Say We Did...

Image Credit:  3 Faces of Brigid by Aradia Goseling

I love being supported, I really do.  It warms my heart when another person artist or not compliments my work.  Support in the handmade community is very important, especially when you're starting off.  But in my humble opinion (which is shared by more than just me) there is a line you have to draw in the sand...

Recently I came across a post by Marie Forleo tackling just this exact subject.  It also brought up this post by Laura George I'd read a few weeks ago.  What both women are talking about is a bit of a touchy subject, as I covered earlier when I first read Laura's post.

For many there is a bit of an instant desire to support someone because they supported them.  But to quote one of my favorite comedians John Pinette "I say nay, nay."  When you support someone you're not just doing them a favor.  You're recommending them to your audience and you're putting your reputation on the line.  So I urge you to think twice about who you recommend.  If you can't recommend because you don't know their work, or do not support it's quality take Marie's advice on the matter and say it with class.  Thank them for their support and perhaps suggest ways they can up their ante.

Have you had issues with this subject?  Do you often find yourself immediately reciprocating in the "You like me, I like you" mentality?  Share your story in the comments below!

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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