Thursday, November 15, 2012

November Product Review - Alpaca WPI Tool from Moonsong Ranch of Etsy

I've named him Henry...

Earlier in the month I finally "splurged" (yes I call it that whenever I buy supplies or tools) on a tool I've been yearning for for quite some time.  When I first saw the WPI tool I wondered what in the world that silly stick was for and what it had to do with yarn.  As I have grown as a crocheter, into a knitter, and now a spinner I understand it's use.

For the uninitiated a WPI tool or wraps per inch tool serves the purpose of giving you the weight of a yarn.  This is especially handy and most commonly used by spinners to determine the weight of their handspun, but it's also useful for when you don't have a yarn label.  (Which is what prompted me to buy it finally.)

While most things you find in the handmade marketplace are one of a kind, some can be remade.  But you never know when something will be available so it's my modicum to buy now, rather than wait till later.  I have to tell you I couldn't be happier with this little guy, because unlike your typical WPI tool, this one is shaped like an alpaca (a fiber which I have a love for by the way too.)

So I commend Moonsong Ranch on their adorable craftmanship!  And not only did they send my order, but a handy laminated reference for determining yarn weights based on wraps which also included average stitches/4" and needle size recommendations with its other side bearing strand sample sizes.  (I also received a fabulous surprise of some top with which to spin...)  I recommend their work highly and will happily use my lil 'paca to my heart's content!  They had excellent customer service and prompt delivery as well!


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