Monday, November 19, 2012

First Ever Black Friday Sale!!!

So if you're part of my newsletter you're privileged and got this info earlier last week.  But I didn't want to leave out the rest of my fans or subscribers who may have joined after I sent this out.

While I've been open for three years this past January I had yet to do a Black Friday sale.  I couldn't tell you why I hadn't thought of it, but being that I'm not a big shopper might be part of it.  So to kick off my first one with a BANG!  I'm doing a special promotional store wide sale!  You can use code "1STBLKFRI" and get 45% off on anything in my shop.  This sale is only for Friday though and runs midnight to midnight.  So at 12:01 am Saturday it's a done deal!

And an extra special bonus, this includes all custom listings I have up!  Which is my special gift to you since most people don't discount their custom orders!  (Although making a request on this day for a listing that isn't made is null in void.)

So I can't wait to see you shopping on Friday, I know I'll bombarding the post office in the next few shipping days after that!

Happy Crafting,
Aradia's Hand

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