Monday, November 5, 2012

November Pattern/Tutorial - Backstitching

Image use courtesy of Aradia's Hand

Since I'm talking about embroidery this month I thought that I would match the tutorial with it by discussing backstitching.  First and foremost, backstitching is a part of cross stitch (which is a form of embroidery) that seeks to outline a group of cross stitches.  It is also used in simple lettering as well.  You can see it in use above in my Tree Frog Trio.

There is a specific technique to back stitching that involves stitching from point A to B (from the bottom of the cloth, through the top, then top to bottom), then moving on to C (bottom to top) and inserting the needle back at point A (top to bottom), and repeating this with all subsequent stitches.

Unlike some stitches backstitching may cover a wide area of stitches, versus only going over one square at a time.  Backstitching is a bit of a decorative type of stitch, but one with a simple purpose that is very easy to do.  Most any book worth it's salt will cover how to do backstitching and once learned you'll see how easy it is.

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