Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hippo Ballerina

I've been tweeting about it constantly, and though it's not for sale, it is something that I will be making in the future for other people. Originally the pattern calls for it to be standing as you might imagine a hippo would stand, but I changed it around so that she stands like a person and is posing in a ballerina manner, as well as altering where the head meets the body and adding a tu-tu.

A little more background on this neighbor's daughter just had a birthday and she takes ballet, trying to think of something to get her (on a tight budget) and it occurred to me, I'm rather handy with a hook and some yarn, and I remembered the ballerina hippos from Disney's "Fantasia". I figured I could give it a shot, although the colors aren't quite right, and I didn't embellish it further with "lipstick" or eye lashes, or the ballet shoes I'd considered. However, seeing as this is my first one, it was more a artistic experiment than anything else and if it turned out great than that was fantastic, and if not I'd just have made a regular hippo.

I also had some other things I wanted to make, including leg warmers, a dance bag, and the like - but the hippo is what's featured here.

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