Thursday, April 23, 2009

Constant Inspiration...

I seem to be "chockful of awesome" in the creativity department this morning and have just progenerated another idea that may be of interest and use to others. Some time ago I had spoken of doing a monthly update, and while I usually do updates such as this (the spur of the moment, just popped into my head kind) I am figuring that I ought to also do a structured style for such time when I have billions of follower :-p.

So part of our monthly updates will be "What's Brewing" and "A Peak Inside Our Project Bag" that way you can see the myriad things I've come up with and what is being worked on. Generally I try to keep everyone abreast of whatever is going on and what I am doing projectwise - however I know that sometimes I decide against continuing a project for the moment or altogether. And then other times I dream up things out of the blue and often late at night. So there we have it, the next update will of course be on May 1st or very close to it. (Note: there may be some delay in this update because I'm due to be out of town on personal business and may not be able to satisfy this deadline - so it might end up being done the day earlier and published remotedly the next day.)

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