Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Butterfly Crochet Hemp and Wire Necklace

O what happens when you have an artist, surrounded by various tools and other supplies? Interesting and new creations! I personally love butterflies and upon seeing a packet of 3 different butterfly pendants I had to have it. So I bought it and it sat in my crafting supply area for months. Then one morning I got this crazy idea and there we have it.

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Friday, September 18, 2009


It's almost as though it was just yesterday that I was picking up my hook and beginning to crochet again. Forever a lover of handicrafts I remember long ago when I first began to try to crochet. I never really made anything worthwhile, and for the life of me I could not understand the pattern instructions and why all my scarves turned into little triangles (though I'm glad to say I've mastered the art of the turning chain :D ).

But though I started and fiddled with it then I never really got off the ground with it...then years later I picked it up, understanding a little better some of my earlier mistakes, but again, my affair with crochet was short lived - in favor of other things...

Years upon years later I now sit before you 24 and the proud owner of my own business and a healing center. My love of handicrafts has again led me down the path to meet with my old lover, crochet. But this time we have stuck together the whole way through. Now all those seemingly cryptological abbreviations and directions suddenly make sense (although I'm sure it has something to do with me actually doing research and reading the directions, lol o our impatient youth!) I am constantly making everything I can, and at times dreaming up my own designs.

It seems as though I've come so far, for it was just January of this year that I finally avidly started my "pipe dream" business. It'd long been in the workings of my mind, my logical side desperately trying to plan everything just right before embarking - but I decided this time to give in to my creative side, to hell with the planning and just go for it...and here I am 9 months later after much gestation, giving birth to my ideas beautiful and loved...

It's funny how this all comes about, though we may not see it or plan for it, or even consider that anything of the sort could come our way - it does and we are amazed at the results we receive...

So a big hip hip hoorah to all of those who have purchased from me and all of those who will!

A gracious and deep thank you to the Universe and myself for manifesting my desires and dreaming these bright, beautiful dreams!

Scrap Designs for the Home - Plastic Bag Holder

Always trying to reuse and recycle, even down to the last bits of yarn I have lying around I found a pattern for a plastic bag holder. Why not?

Though this item will be made available in my shop, I'll be sticking to 1 color for the first ones and then move on to different colors, and maybe even a special yarn.

This particular version is made of 100% acrylic, but I will more than likely switch over to a cotton or other natural fiber so that the product is more eco-friendly. I also plan to add embellishments upon the design later, but also making some improvements (such as onto the handle - which in many designs can come out not as sturdy as we'd like.)

If you're interested in one for your kitchen or home start a conversation on Etsy with me! That way you can pick the colors and we can discuss any possible other designs or embellishments you may be interested in, such as a picture, flowers, etc)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ode to Pink - Across Generations

It's funny the things that happen to us as we age...

This piece is a tribute to my mother and grandmother - both collectors and crafters. I come from a line of Capricorn women, both of which made things, starting with needlework, quilting, and sewing with my grandmother and on to ceramics, pottery, and glass work with my mother (who was a jack of all trades and proficient in many!)

Being raised around such inspirational women instilled a deep love of art within me at an early age. Always the DIYer I was ever trying out new things from pieces and knick knacks around the house.

This piece features glass beads I got from my grandmother, and a chain from my mother. In the background is a chalice wheel thrown by my mother, and the foreground, some owl statues my grandmother owned.

This is a "front clasp" piece, so it's meant to open in the front, rather than like a traditional necklace. I have a knack for the abstract and like to be a little off center - I feel this construct gives the necklace a personal touch, bridging the ties between the three generations...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Dancer's Anklet...

Another new "doo-dad" I came up with the other day :D It's a lovely, yet simple design that draws attention to the ankle but also simply adorns it with a little frill. Dainty & eye pleasing :D!

Soon available in bracelet sizes, as a garter, and in a multitude of colors!

Another Custom Order Baby Blanket - Pretty Stripes!

Yet another baby blanket and hat set, custom order for a long time friend's first daughter. Originally featuring white, brown, and pink I substituted a off white color for the white (knowing all too well that babies spit up on everything ;o ). Reminiscent of neopolitan ice cream, it's delightfully "girlie" without being frilly.

Like what you see? Order yours today by starting a conversation with our store on Etsy!

Custom Order Baby Blanket - Sock Monkey Motif!

Long awaited and overdue...this blanket and hat set is made for an old friend of mine who just recently had her first baby, a girl named Dawn Eliza. Monkeys, particularly sock monkeys are a fairly unisex decoration and come on, just plain classic! More importantly though, it was just too cute to pass up! Unfortunately though, the yarn called for in the pattern is no longer available {the company discontinued it :( } :{> (had to interject smiley with moustache & goatie). Therefore the dimensions are a little skewed from the original, but we still think it looks pretty cute :D.

Want one? Visit our store, start a conversation and request yours today!

Attack of the Grannies!

Recently I went on vacation and was away from my store for awhile...

Prior to going on vacation however, I decided to experiment more closely with the concept of the "granny square" (previously I'd not made any projects that had required one so I was familiar with it in theory though not in application)...

However, as any enthusiast, I took to it quite well and made several :D

The first is composed entirely of scraps from various projects and more pictures will be posted as the square grows ever larger. The second is just of blue and purple, both of which I had a lot left over of so I wanted to make a new and separate square. The final picture is an experiment at a "pot holder" type that also is made from scrap.

If you like what you see let me know and I will add some so the store ;)