Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ode to Pink - Across Generations

It's funny the things that happen to us as we age...

This piece is a tribute to my mother and grandmother - both collectors and crafters. I come from a line of Capricorn women, both of which made things, starting with needlework, quilting, and sewing with my grandmother and on to ceramics, pottery, and glass work with my mother (who was a jack of all trades and proficient in many!)

Being raised around such inspirational women instilled a deep love of art within me at an early age. Always the DIYer I was ever trying out new things from pieces and knick knacks around the house.

This piece features glass beads I got from my grandmother, and a chain from my mother. In the background is a chalice wheel thrown by my mother, and the foreground, some owl statues my grandmother owned.

This is a "front clasp" piece, so it's meant to open in the front, rather than like a traditional necklace. I have a knack for the abstract and like to be a little off center - I feel this construct gives the necklace a personal touch, bridging the ties between the three generations...

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