Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Fine Day for Filet...

...for filet crochet that is....

I woke this morning with bats on the brain. Did it help that I had a miniature "Batman" marathon last night? (And by the way I think I understand why some folks don't care for the latter 2 movies in the four - they do seem full of ridiculous quips, one-liners, and bad jokes/references; unlike the first with with one my girlhood crushes - Michael Keaton - that were much more serious and dark).

Ce la vie...

But away from my digression and back to the fact that I was rambling about bats!

I just HAD to mess around with some filet crochet today. Mind you I have heard of it, know what is, and am now as we speak understanding the finer points of it, thank you Debbie Stoller!

So I'm sitting here with some "scrap" variegated wool yarn, a "G" hook and making my first bat :D

*Pictures soon!* (also you can check me out on Ravelry here!)

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