Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dionysian Scarf....

This project has been long in wait as I've been wanting and needing to make myself something for a change, as well as figure out a way to pay homage. So here we have it, quite one of a kind and never to be reproduced again, but a really neat project none the less!

It's front and back post raised double crochet, with the grapes made out of puff stitches. Rowan Big Wool and Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky Naturals were used in this pattern giving it a wonderfully soft and ultra warm feel - perfect for winter time!

If you're interested in a pattern like this (that features the ribbed pattern or the type of yarn or both) feel free to convo me on, while I will not reproduce this pattern I can custom make another of the same basic concept!

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