Monday, December 21, 2009

Earth Meets Sea Purse

I started this project a bit over a week ago. I originally had seen the pattern on a yarn label and knew I "had to have it". I fretted over whether to buy the yarn or not just to get the pattern.

Then I got an order in from someone who wanted to use that brand of yarn. I crossed my fingers that she (who was buying the yarn and sending it to me) would pick up one with the label I wanted with it. Alas not.

So finally I broke down and seeing it on sale "splurged" for it. I bought a color I liked, but my real reason for buying the yarn was just to get the pattern. (An aside, just today I saw the pattern online so I could have saved myself even more money, ah well...)

When I started it I realized I didn't have enough yarn to finish it, but figured what the hey, I'll get as far as I can get and just get more. I was considering just keeping the finished product for myself, but a stroke of inspiration changed my mind. I had some left over yarn from my a custom order and those colors happen to be a wonderful "sea" color, while the original skein I bought is "earth" colors. And so voila!

Currently @ row 12 of 18, then the sides to make and assembly. Really excited, will definitely be making more of these in the future!

If you like what you see and want one in another color "convo" me @ Faith Works on Etsy!

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