Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Product Review - Boye Needlemaster set

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Given the individual cost of each of these needles on a fixed cable this set allows some flexibility. As with most people I do not care for the very small cables as I find them too difficult to use effectively. Personally I would like longer cables and more sizes. At the normal retail price getting only 4 cables (1 one which that is just plain hard to work with) is so so to me. The cables being plastic fresh out of the kit are a little stiff, though this is the nature of that material. Unlike others I did not have any trouble in attaching the needles to the cables. Having experience with that sort of thing I made sure to give it an extra turn to make it snug when using them and only had them loosen on me once the very first time (not having done that). Metal needles are cold and can be heavy compared to wood and plastic but is also unlikely to be bent or broken so that is a plus. It would be nicer if the parts were available in store as it's generally less expensive given the cost of shipping these days. I recommend these as a nice value set for anyone starting out who is serious about knitting. If you are not sure or think you may give it up, it's easier and wiser to just get the needles you need as you need them versus paying full retail for them. Other sets, like Harmony, have about the same amount but due to their construction can be a bit more but it comes to a matter of personal preference price aside. An aside - if you can get them offline with a discount from places like Amazon or eBay or through a store with a coupon you're likely getting a better bet. And if you have any trouble with them you should definitely contact the manufacturer to return them - particularly defective equipment. In short I would buy them again, but I like Boye in general. However, I also plan on buying another set of interchangeables by another company.

In general I give them a 4 out of 5.

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