Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bathroom Organizer for Tampons!

I've long loved baskets and while basketweaving is among one of the many things I'd like to work on learning  I haven't gotten around to it yet.  Crocheting though is something I'm always doing and I love anything I can crochet.  While looking at my desk last night I notice a tampon I'd idly stuck in my pen  holder (yea, I know what in the world...)  The desk itself was rather cluttered and I decided I would go and clear it up.  Now I will point out that due to my fixation on the oddness of a tampon in my pen holder I actually ended up not truly cleaning my desk so much as creating.  Given my focus on paperwork and the technical side of the store lately this is perfectly fine!  I browsed my queue on Ravelry, knowing I had marked a few projects that were baskets earlier.  I was between a few pattern but decided on a "fun" one rather than your garden variety box-shaped basket.  A few hours later I have created a fun little basket to stash tampons in!

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