Monday, July 16, 2012

It's GREAT, But It Won't Sell - Part 1

So you've taken time to make this absolutely fantastic product.  You poured love, hard work, and some creative genius into it even.  And there it sits, months down the line, waiting for a new home in your store...what gives?!

Now aside from your marketing and ability to get your name out there, and whether you product is something that even appeals to who is really seeing it there are some basic and very important things to consider...and it's all about presentation.

You see, presentation is everything when it comes to selling things online.  Remember your customer doesn't have the benefit of picking up your work.  They can't turn and find you there ready and waiting to answer any questions they may have about it.  And to be frank - if they take a peak at it and think it's not worth it, they surely won't bother emailing or otherwise messaging you to ask questions about it.  The visual and verbal presentation you put out there - in the form of your pictures, product description, and even your website (or platform) itself send a message to the buyer about you,  your work, and it's worth.  It can make you - or break you.

The good thing is, that presentation is an easy fix and I'm here to share some strategies with you and share my own stories and viewpoint as both a seller and buyer of handmade things!

Stay Tuned for Part 2 Where we talk about the first element that hits your buyer...your picture.

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