Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Major Re-Vamps...

The story I'm about to tell is a rather detailed and gets farther into the mind of the artist than you may be expecting.  But part of the allure of dealing with an artist is that they are in fact a person.  With hopes and dreams, trials and tribulations - the spice of life...

Since the birth of my son life has slowed down a bit, in all areas.  My production, including filling an existing order and taking on new ones has slowed to an extreme crawl it seems but for good reason.  If you're a parent, especially a SAHM (stay at home mom) you know why.  Kids are a handful at any age, but newborns even more so.  No sooner are they tended to than it seems you are tending to them again.  And that is with them healthy.  But I'm coming back, slowly but surely.

My time away has served a dual purpose though.  Sure it's allowed me to adjust to this new small person around me, it's also put life into perspective and work.  During my pregnancy I have had a very hard time working.  The only work I've managed to be able to muster the strength to do is that which deals with my art and healing center.  And even the work done there has been so so.  Normally a super industrious person (note the late hour of this posting) coupled with my insomnia makes me super productive at times.  For my very Type A (at times) personality that is quite attractive.  My eyes glaze over and I drool hungrily at the prospect of getting even more done in a day.  It has also allowed me to do some much needed reflecting and brainstorming.  Both of which I had put off severely and to my own detriment now that I look at it.

While my store has been in existence since January of 2009 nearly all of my efforts have been focused at the creative aspect of it.  From innovating designs, creating them, and spending time describing and photographing. Don't get me wrong, there has been a business element worked on, including noting inventory, pricing, and what not.  But not nearly as much as I should have been.  Most notably the financial aspect of my business is more than a bit lacking.  I have severely underpriced myself and just not taken certain things into account that if I were working elsewhere would be noted.  I straddle halfway between hobby and business.  Working creatively as much as business, yet financially as much as a hobby.  I have neither taken note of the amount of time I put forth into anything.  Or considered what I ought to be paid hourly or my overhead (which thankfully is very little at this point).  And now I see how I have put myself in a hole over it.

So many changes are going to happen, pricing is being reworked, and I plan to make use of more of my resources (such as the blog option on Artfire), coupons, sales, featured items, and some updating of policies as well as the addition of some new products.

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