Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Coming together?

I reserve this blog specifically for things about the business, but nothing overtly personal.  It's not a matter of not being the full me all the time so much as a desire to compartmentalize.  If you're interested in my personal thoughts as an artist I have a blog just for that, which at times includes rants even...

It's true, while I don't really want to admit it, that I haven't invested as much time or effort into growing this business - or it's sister company.  While my products and services are good, great even marketing and putting myself out there just isn't my forte.  This occurred to me as part of the reason for the mediocrity of my success. Sure I sell things, sure people like what I sell, or my work, but how many people (who know me personally) even know what I do?  Sure the few who know me exceedingly well and talk to me often have likely heard me talk about it or even been on the phone/messenger with me while I've been working on something.  But I know a lot more than just those and honestly for the sake of getting my name out there it should be one of the most commonly known things about me shouldn't it?  Yes.

In that light I have noticed that a lot of things seem to be coming through lately.  While I can't say that the decision to focus more on the business aspect, rather than just the creative, of my business has landed me this sudden influx of consumers other types of things have been coming through.  Such as this article about using one's blog to get business.  There have been a handful of other things, such as new contacts via Facebook and LinkedIn, new followers on Twitter and with Google+, and likes to my pages and website.  All "baby steps" in the grand scheme of getting out there and reigning in success.

So do you have any tips?  What's worked for you?  Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for tuning in! :D

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