Friday, September 23, 2011

2011 Holiday Message for Buyers

With the coming of Winter just around the corner (seriously it's only about 2 months away) it's time to get to that last minute shopping.  While it's normal for people to shop a bit more in the latter part of the year it cause us a little off guard and there was a bit of a scramble.  To remedy this we're instituting a few parameters to guide along your holiday shopping experience.

The first important point is that we will not accept custom orders beyond November 15, that gives a generous month to complete and ship any orders.

Continuing on that vein, while the store will not be closed during any holiday we will cut off holiday shipping on: Dec 15 for orders in th US and Dec 1 for international orders.  Both of these dates allow us a few extra days to get to the post office or have packages picked up.  Any orders placed after these dates will be accepted but we will not guarantee that your items will reach you by Dec 25.

Our final goal for this year is to have our stock "bulked up" by November 1.  Anything we can or have been planning on making multiples of will be available then.

Looking forward to a fruitful holiday season with you!

Faith Works

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