Monday, April 25, 2011

Super Bright Orange Armwarmers...Pt 2

Running into a slight problem...Running out of this colorway.  Want to make two of the same kind so figured out how much half of what I started out with and am making sure to stop short of or at that amount.  Basically this leaves the end ribbing left.  So while not a failure, wasn't quite what I thought it was going to be.  The thickness of the yarn also makes the armwarmer on my arm huge (and I have tiny arms!)  This isn't something that's not happened before with this pattern, as other people have had this issue, but I think this is even worse for the fact that it's a heavy worsted.

The other issue is WHAT color to choose to finish off the end of the armwarmer?  The only other thing I've used this color for was my "Toxic Waste Apple" and I used white with that and I'm kind of inclined to do that with this one as well...then again I already have interest in this piece and I want to make sure they get sold.......time to consult the consumer....

Color Choices:

From Left to Right:  White, Red (it is a True Red in regular light), Navy Blue, Bright Green, Burgundy

Let us know what you think as far as a color suggestion!

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