Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Updates!

A day late, a dollar short...while this update was supposed to have gone out yesterday that day was filled with a little too much frustration and errand running, so today is the day and we'll just pretend...

Throughout March we've accepted a number of "new orders" most of them custom.  Some have been all out, "this is what I want, in this color, size, etc" while others have just been ideas being tossed around and notes drawn out.

We also brought Faith Works back to, but our goal of 5 new items & 1 gallery item has been slow going so we're not as up to date with all our stock as we'd like to be but it's getting there!

A quick view of all of the projects we've got in our queue (being currently worked on):

  • Nicole L's Scarf
  • Nicole L's Hat
  • Autumn Evening Hat
  • Sweet Lil Goth Hat
  • Scrap Granny Square Afghan
  • Plastic Bag Holder (for Lori)
  • "Reiki Awakening" Logo for Alice
  • Reiki Principles for Nicole
  • Carebear Rug for Sarah
  • Placemats
  • Belts
  • Ugly Plaid Dog Pillow
  • GaBus
  • Butterfly Mosaic Shawl
  • Double Pocket Knitting Needle Case
  • KAL with Derby (the Hacky Sack Hoodie)
  • Shirt for Krystal
  • *Hoodie for Joni

As you can see it's a good number of projects going on and almost all of them are "long term" (meaning they'll need many, many hours put into them to finish or make headway.  And of course as always we're generally always accepting new orders, we just move things around in our queue.

So here's to April, accepting new orders, finishing previous ones, placing more in our new storefront and lots and lots of sales!

Till May :D

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