Monday, April 18, 2011

Super Bright Orange Armwarmers...Pt 1

Some time ago I came across a neat pattern (finally) for a set of ribbed armwarmers.  As anyone should know if you go looking through patterns there are a number of different styles but many are rather fanciful and sometimes just plain overly decorative.  Being the utilitarian sort of person that I am I try to go for things that are a bit more simple and then do my own improvisation later rather than something heavily improvised to begin with.

While I was ecstatic when I found them I was disappointed that I couldn't immediately start on them (as I didn't have the necessary size or type of needles I needed.)  Lo and behold a few weeks ago I finally ordered a set, fifteen different sized DPNs from 0s to 15s to be exact, and have only just now remembered my pattern findings.

As it stands I have a decent amount of worsted weight yarn (what the pattern suggests) but nothing I quite wanted to part with for this particular project, so I opted to use some hideous yarn I inherited from someone cleaning out their home.  A very bright neon (like the color hunters wear) orange.  Thus far the pattern seems to be working well enough, which is good.  Though further research of other people's success with it is so so.  (There are a number of complaints about how the thumb is made and how it produces a holier look than is likely intended.)

But so far so good as it were, eyesoreness aside.

One of the benefits of this pattern is that it's constructed in the round (a preference of mine).  Working in the round generally limits the amounts of seams made and to me gives the project a more cohesive look.  On the other hand if you fudge something it's not as easy to hide...

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