Saturday, March 19, 2011

Organization @ the Workplace (eg Home)

If you didn't know I work from home.  This lends itself to certain pros and cons.  Working for myself means I can go to work whenever I want.  I can take off days or weeks at a time, have long lunches and my level of productivity is solely derived from myself and my setting of deadlines.

However, as any of you who work for themselves know it's not all cake and pie.  When I'm commissioned, I'm technically working for the commissioner, thereby being judged and otherwise evaluated by them.  So I'm my own boss most of the time, until that comes up.  This for me is quite fine as I am very detail oriented and strive to  please my customers as best I can and being so exacting I can wheedle out any serious issues before even beginning a project.

I happen to be a harsh taskmaster though and my levels of expectation when it comes to productivity are nearly (if not completely) astronomical.  I expect to work more than 16 hours in a day and get "everything" done every day.  Honestly that is quite impossible if you factor in breaks, meals, sleep, and the fact that even just looking at the "work" portion of my day I pile entirely too much in for a 24 hour period.  I have often joked that I need to find a way to add another 16 hours to my day...

Despite my desire for insane levels of productivity I happen to be quite terrible at managing my time.  This may strike you as odd, but really it does make sense.  Many of my artistic conquests take innumberably amounts of time to get things done.  Fiber arts especially being almost 100% always handmade (at least in my case) take hours upon hours to make progress on.  While I'm not complaining by any means as I adore many of these crafts it can be inconvenient to have several to do which would eat up 90% of the hours of the day to make any "real" progress on...*sigh*

So finally, after much frustration and some floundering I'm attempting to instill not just a home routine (which has helped immensely) but also a work routine.  And yes ladies & gents, limits too even.

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