Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hellenic Reconstructionist Altar Cloth - Part 2

An update on our piece, finally I was able to get the initial yarn for the project to work up my swatch and see how much I will need and note the amount of stitches and rows the pieces will be across.

My original dimensions were 21" x 28", but to accommodate the border (which only adds a small amount but what I added I still wanted to fit in with the "divisible by 7" element in the pieces) I've changed it to 28" x 35".

I originally tried to estimate my gauge from an inch swatch, just to get a general idea, but I've noted that it's not as exact as I'd've hoped and the math doesn't match (which means the edging which isn't really a stitch threw it off).

While at the store I looked through the reds - there was True Red & Tomato - and decided to stay with the original choice of Tomato, though in real light it is much more a shade of rust than a red red. Seeing the muted tone of that color I opted to go with Thistle as the choice for the other color, I wanted something of a similar value, so as not to overpower the piece with the accent color.

I will be taking progress pictures, including an initial picture of the supplies & gauge swatch (which will be frogged after it's weighed so I can use all that I have to start with) on the store's Facebook page and my personal Ravelry page.

This piece is turning out to be much more involved than I originally thought it would. I'm not math expert and it truly was a struggle at first to make sure that the math fit the dimensions I wanted. Generally when following a pattern tweaking things isn't hard, but when you're not sure and you don't know your own gauge (as I didn't because I've never worked with this yarn before) it's hard to estimate without an actual sample in front of you!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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