Thursday, January 27, 2011

There comes a time... every crafter's endeavors where you are so excited to start a new project. Be it something from scratch or a pre-written pattern. While failings from a piece derived entirely from scratch are completely understandable, I mean really you've never tried it before and in the case that no one else has can you be surprised at kinks and other design flaws? But when you start something that is pre written, has been tested in fact and done by any number of people and still it "doesn't quite work", it's rather disheartening. This is concerning the latter development.

Last February I started this bag, with every intention of finishing it quickly, after all it only required 10 hours worth of work! And proudly displaying it for sale in my store. Twas not to be, here almost February a year later I just now come to a point where I might find myself done, and honestly about half of it has been accomplished in this past week, versus the remainder of the time. Partially its due to the pattern. While the stitch pattern itself is interesting and has character, the behavior of the shape and the construction of the bag leave much to be desired. I find myself staring at the sample picture and I honestly cannot make sense of what I'm seeing versus what I have accomplished. It seems as it should not be so wide, but perhaps even much deeper. The "sewing up" of the sides of the handles at the very end makes not a big of sense to me.

So after staring at it for some time with a feeling of dissatisfaction I have finally decided that improvisation is the only way to "fix" what appears to be wrong with it. Rather than "sewing up the handles" I will be crocheting a seam along the long sides together. While it will change the orientation of the pattern stitch from my example, it seems the only solution. Behold a somewhat new bag from the original!

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